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We keep hearing to drink a lot of water from doctors, elders, and others. But why?

The fact that an adult male’s total body weight is constituted by sixty percent of water and female’s body fifty percent. So to say simply if you are 100kg male you have 60kg of water and if you are female you are 50kg of water.

Role of water in our healthy lifestyle.

  1. The food we eat and the enzymes required to break them down required water to function effectively.
  2. Water helps keep our bodies moisturised.
  3. It helps remove excretory waste from the water. Even if we do not drink water at all the urine production per day will be 600 ml per day which will come from the body itself and ultimately the body will start losing water and your blood starts getting thicker.
  4. Making the heart work more work for pumping all around the body. Thicker blood will also mean that there will be the clotting of blood vessels inside of us which ultimately leads to organ failure.
  5. It’s important for glowing skin too.

How much to drink?

Usually, it is advised by the health experts to drink at least 2-3 liter of water for adults but in precise form, it depends on body weight and all for example babies and kids cannot drink that much.

If you are a hard-working person, sweating very much, an athlete, labour, one works manually hard work too much requires more water.

Also in weight training by bodybuilders who takes protein supplement they are advised to drink a lot of water but usually what they end up doing is they add more protein in water every time they drink thinking that it will enhance their body more and more but what happens actually is the extra protein they are taking are not able to get excreted from the body properly, the kidney requires more water to function properly if you take more protein your kidney requires more water but the weight trainers(bodybuilders) do not do that and ends up having a kidney failure.

I am also involved in too much running but honestly, I drink a hell of a lot of water which is also not good but still, I only drink in check which is not harmful. My brother is a doctor and usually, I take a lot of advice from him on what to drink what to not how much to do what etc. all the health-related things I ask from him only. I even advised him to write some articles here but he said that he couldn’t give that much time.

And in a period of stress like you have fever or anxiety or something you usually should take a little more water. Usually, when you go for micturition you see your urine colour normally amber yellow and if you are not taking sufficient water then it will get darker yellow, which indicates you need to drink more. And if you are drinking too much then it will be transparent water colour.

When to drink?

Usually, when you get up in the morning or anytime after a long nap like 5-7 hours you should immediately intake 300 ml because you haven’t had any water for that long time.

Water and meal: Elders always advise us that you should not drink water while eating its true, the enzymes that are required to break down those foods will get diluted and the food will not get digested properly. Therefore have water before 30 minutes of meal intake. and 45-60minutes later of food intake.

We should not have water just before sleeping, therefore, it’s better to have an early meal.

Try to drink a glass of water every 2 hours during the day.

Conclusion: To be honest, it is a very important topic and I just have not even covered the scratch of it, but it will go beyond length and still left more to talk about and also I will enter into medical languages then it will get more complex for everyone to understand.

Thank you for reading.

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