1. Practice gratitude very common thing I have seen people doing, and it even stands first on their list of starting the day with. This is one of the things you’ll find Indians do in the morning even before they set their foot on the ground. I am not talking about the young generation who starts their day by checking texts, or their social media. We must not forget to express our gratitude for the things we are grateful for and start our day with a positive mindset. Though, I express my gratitude most of the time for everything I need to start doing first thing in the morning.

2. Set goals for the day: This is also another important thing to do when you wake up, I was preached about this by one of my seniors and I immediately adopted it the very next day, and since then I find everything so sorted in my day-goings. I also observed that it is an ingredient of very determined and successful people’s routine. The day is spent well if you have organised things to do according to your priorities for the whole day rather than approaching the day haphazardly and panicking at every moment of your day. And, it enhances your productivity.

3. Disconnect from the digital world: I am not conveying to abstain from the digital world as I believe it is one of the things to be at par with if you want to stand stable in the post-modernisation era. What I am conveying here is that people must not immediately start their day by checking their social media or interacting with people online in the first one and a half hours of their wake-up. What people don’t realise is that connecting yourself with your phone in the initial hours of your wakeup will drag down most of the energy that you’ve accumulated from a good night’s sleep. One is also advised to stop using the phone for an hour prior to their sleep as it hampers your sleep and you end up complaining about “sleep problems.”

4. Make your bed: Many people have heard about this famous video of an Admiral in the university of Texas at Austin, I too heard it when I was in my school, it was played in our assembly hall and since that day I often say people even in fun to start their day by making up their bed first. Before being acknowledged by this video, I was not the kind of person whose bed you’ll find in a messy condition and disorganised. But, since that day, a day never went by when I do not make my day first right after staying up.

5. Spend time with loved ones: People nowadays seldom spends time with their family and acknowledges things that happened to them and how their day was the last day, and later they often feel left out and deal with their problems in an unusual way.

People must spend the morning hours with their loved ones as it will boost them with a smile and encourage them to tackle any problems of the day effectively. A son, daughter, and husband can help the lady of the house to make breakfast like a team. (One can prepare the table or the place where you have your meals, another one can slice or chop various ingredients and another one can wash the dishes after) This practice increases the love among the family and your day will be started with a smile and also it will not only start your day positively but your family’s day would also start with a smile.

You will be amazed to see the benefits of spending time with loved ones.

6. Eat a healthy breakfast: The importance of a healthy breakfast cannot be ignored by anyone, it is advisable to include a healthy morning diet in your routine.

7. Drink water: Like in one of my posts where I talked about the importance of drinking water in the morning within a few minutes of your wake-up its importance is unavoidable.

correct way to drink water

8. Meditate: People usually aren’t seen meditating these days but it is a very useful and effective practice to start your day with It channelises your brain and your thought process and helps you to be calm throughout your day. It boosts you with energy. Thus, ensuring your productivity throughout the day. A 10-minute meditation is a sure-shot way to achieve things that your desire.

9.Write in a journal: Sometimes, people are not able to do meditation and I advise at those times they must write down their thoughts in a journal, it will help clear them their minds. It works the same way as meditation.

Why everyone should keep a journal?

10. Exercise: With an ill-planned routine, the lifestyle of people has changed a lot lately and later they find themselves handling issues like obesity, diabetes, and other issues which affect your lifestyle and that can be avoided with just a mere 30-45 minutes of exercise.

11. To have some sunlight: One must expose themselves to sunlight early in the morning as it stops your body’s melatonin production thus stopping you from feeling sleepyhead. It wakes your whole body instantly. And, also the early morning sunlight is a good way to ensure your vitamin-D intake.

Thank you!

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