A few days ago, Ling has written something about how to get sleep easily and comfortably where she told various ways to fall asleep, as lots of people struggle with falling asleep these days. No doubt the mightiest thanks to the post modernisation era which robs people's sleep either due to work, anxiety, depression, or so and … Continue reading HOW TO SLEEP BETTER?

Cuisines of india

Every aspect of a society which gets transferred generation after generation, which makes them unique and distinct is part of culture. From music to language, paintings to scripts, costumes to cuisine everything is part of culture of a society. India is blessed in every form of culture but to be very specific I would write … Continue reading Cuisines of india

Utilising time, living life, and spreading happiness…what’s the depth?

Hello! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I hope you are all having a worthful time. We have been talking a lot about time, life, and happiness segregated on different occasions and from different perspectives. But, if we are to ask ourselves "Does proper utilisation of time make our lives meaningful and happy?" Before you … Continue reading Utilising time, living life, and spreading happiness…what’s the depth?

what it means to live your life to the fullest?

We must have come across this phrase relatively at least once or maybe 50th times in our life already. They always say we got only one short life and we must live it to the fullest. But the real question is IS LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST POSSIBLE? A few days ago there was a user … Continue reading what it means to live your life to the fullest?

Mistakes to avoid in stock markets

Mistakes are essential part of learning but as chanakya said "we should learn from others mistake as life is to short to make all by ourselves ", hence people would be wise if they learn a thing or two from  this article. In markets people go up by ladder, and fall by jumping from the … Continue reading Mistakes to avoid in stock markets

It’s all about oil

Oil has become more precious commodity in this uncertain environment than even gold. Country could import gold but that is not a solution to rising commodities prices for consumers and slowing economy. So, how this so called black gold is getting it's Lustre back. Oil prices as any other commodity is dependent on demand and … Continue reading It’s all about oil

Are you living? Or are you alive?

When we encounter this pair of words 'Living and Alive', most of the mind hovers around the fact of trying to distinguish these two words from their core. So, our mind starts running searches from our archives of knowledge and wisdom and differentiates between these two. The post-modernisation era has made every people so engrossed … Continue reading Are you living? Or are you alive?

Basic and significant roles of media in the legislation of a country?

Media monitoring and communication, today's topic focuses on the media's role in the legislation of the country. In any democratic country, the media acts as a pillar of upholding and maintaining the balance of the country. The existence of media in India can be traced back to 1780 when the first newspaper in the country … Continue reading Basic and significant roles of media in the legislation of a country?

Which things people fall prey to destroy their own life?

We all have been reading about how to boost confidence in something we do, to boost self-confidence, usually, people read many self-help books, or listen to some motivational videos which I think is a booming sector in this era. The motivational speaker is earning a lot more than some doctors or an engineer. If I … Continue reading Which things people fall prey to destroy their own life?

India’s Digital Revolution

India's economy has become 5th largest in the world, amounting to 3.1 trillion dollars. This has been possible due to young Indian population and liberalization that had happened in 1991. Liberalization opened the cuffs with had been restricting  millions of Indians and invigorated animal spirit in the economy. But one big change that has affected … Continue reading India’s Digital Revolution

Why the world is experiencing a great resignation?

In a report, it is mentioned that the world lost around twenty-one million female workforces in the world in last five years. In a world where the majority of the countries still do not have enough of female workforce participation in the economy this rate is quite alarming. It is not a good sign that … Continue reading Why the world is experiencing a great resignation?

How to prepare for any competitive exam

There were two woodcutters, they made a bet as to who cuts more trees at the end of the day. One tried cutting hard all day, taking breaks only to eat. While the other one was taking constant breaks. At the end of the day, one who was taking breaks could cut more trees than … Continue reading How to prepare for any competitive exam

Tea, Coffee, and the Caffeine. It’s effect and some myths.

Since childhood, I used to drink so much tea, and not to mention my right hand fractured once just in pursuit of tea. And, once I spill the just poured tea onto my lap, my batchmates were sitting with me and I didn't realise any pain because my thoughts were focused on whether it will … Continue reading Tea, Coffee, and the Caffeine. It’s effect and some myths.

Is India on its path to become a developed state?

Any developing nation has to overcome a lot of challenges and, effectively if it wants to pave its way in the world of leadership. So is my country which has been overcoming sundry challenges afront. Literacy rate, poverty, communal clashes, sanitation, potable water facility, various education programs for the disadvantaged sections of the society, social … Continue reading Is India on its path to become a developed state?

Why stand in line when you’re born to stand out

I am just an ordinary person. Don’t have many accolades on my name. Yet one thing that I have achieved over the years is leadership skill. I am of the belief that people are born with some skill sets, thereafter circumstances and their actions make them leaders.So why is this fuss about leadership? Is it … Continue reading Why stand in line when you’re born to stand out

An unforeseen time: Pandemic, war, global crisis, inflation…what next?

The revolution of the 21st century can be witnessed in an unforeseen time of Pandemic, wars, alarming climate changes, global warming, and so on. Many Asian countries are still in the developing phase and especially the south-east Asian countries are sieging every opportunity to develop. I have been reading many opinion pieces in the newspaper since the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine and Russia are responsible....

Play of human emotions

There are seven wonders of the world. I guess adding market wouldn't be so surprising. Stock markets are quite easy way to earn money, but their complexity make it quite difficult. In my opinion stock market is epitome of human complexity. They tells us alot about psychology of humans. It is also something which has … Continue reading Play of human emotions

Finally health takes center stage

Corona pandemic has created havoc across world, but one thing which came out good was importance of health in national discourse. People forgot everything be it economics or politics, it was in the end bogged down to health. Family as a unit strived to eat most nutritious food, exercise a little, little meditation and social … Continue reading Finally health takes center stage

Environmental Health, Climate change, and Ecosytem. What does the EPI reveal?

Recently, an index called the "Environment Performance Index 2022" report was published. It can be guessed what information is it supposed to provide us with. This report is published by the Yale center for environmental law and policy and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network. This index report is published every other year...

Are games your children playing, radicalised?

This modern world has provided an opportunity to earn while you play games, and these e-sports or other global virtual players meet in some competition, being awarded millions of dollars for their achievement. And, these have in some way influenced many teens to play games as their hobby or make it the core of their interests which resulted in youths...

Another clever China’s strategy

Another clever China’s strategy The United States cannot rely upon products that originate in, or supply chains that run through, a potential adversary, Bashar Malkawi writes. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), publicly released in 2013 and formerly named ‘One Belt, One Road’, would, at first look, seem to be a force for good. … Continue reading Another clever China’s strategy

The oblivion pseudo alliance of China-Russia

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin were all smiles at the recent G20 summit, but relations between the two countries have stalled and tensions are rising, Pavel K Baev writes.NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS A REPUBLISHED FORM FROM A LEGITIMATE SOURCE AND WITH A FULL CONSENT FROM THE SOURCE AND THE AUTHOR. High-level bonhomie was on display … Continue reading The oblivion pseudo alliance of China-Russia