The Rise of Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema is more than 100 years old, over the years it has made some remarkable films, these not only entertained viewers thoroughly but also spread Indian culture and its diversity. Indian films used to run in various countries and it's remnants still exists worldwide. While Hollywood mastered the art of storytelling, Indian films brought … Continue reading The Rise of Indian Cinema


Buffers of an economy

Resilience is more important than planning. Anyone who has ever planned would know this quote very well. How many times it has happened that we planned something and it didn't fructify for one reason or another. What we have missed all those years is the wisdom that being flexible and persistent would help us tide … Continue reading Buffers of an economy

Prospects of global economy in 2023

Today we are in a globalized world, although the glue holding it together is loosening due to various reasons, yet it is sticking together. But what lies ahead in 2023 is anybody's guess. But as an aspiring policy maker, i am trying to outline few issues which could play a very crucial role in the … Continue reading Prospects of global economy in 2023

What is the prospect of coal for INDIA in near future?

With India and Australia concluding ECTA (ECONOMIC COOPERATION TRADE AGREEMENT) the Indian exporters and access market vividly validate their items and also favouring Australia establishing a WIN-WIN deal. Australia and India’s energy relationship is dominated by fossil fuels and needs a fast-tracked shift to solar, wind, and hydrogen under the new Australian Government, Mousami Prasad … Continue reading What is the prospect of coal for INDIA in near future?

Poison in the air

Every year India becomes lively around October, festive season cenetered around diwali is the prime reason, but what also comes together with this liveliness is discussion around air pollution. Around October many factors anthropogenic as well as natural, cloud the skies of northern India. But this problem is severe in Delhi NCR. Normal Particulate Matter( … Continue reading Poison in the air

How useful can a criticism be to an intelligentia

Good evening readers! I could have used Thursday more productively, I feel energetic, my friend criticized me openly and I was smiling and thinking that is not what I wanted to convey to you last night, but maybe he took me wrong. But I don't feel anything bad about it. Rather I gave thought to … Continue reading How useful can a criticism be to an intelligentia

What is the cost someone pays for them being silent?

Sadly, my beautiful friend was not working, got angry and didn't co-operate with me for 2 days, therefore, I was not active here. She is very special, yeah, she is my Laptop. I was thinking about something when I heard a senior and my pretty little brain couldn't stop me from writing an article about … Continue reading What is the cost someone pays for them being silent?

Chink in Russia’s armor

Russia started it's military operations in Ukraine from February, but since then it's is fighting undetermined war, not tilting on either side. But why is world's second most advanced armed forces are having such humbling experiences. You don't fight a war to find objectives, but you have objectives and in their persuasion you fight a … Continue reading Chink in Russia’s armor

How we are destroying the ecosystem and preponing our ends.

While I was reading ecology I was mesmerized by various exotic facts. In my previous article on ecology titled "Want to know a bit about the magnificent ecology, we blindly destroys?" I tried to few things about our ecology and ecosystem briefly and with continuing further the stress I would like to highlight some facts related … Continue reading How we are destroying the ecosystem and preponing our ends.

Want to know a bit about the magnificent ecology, we blindly destroys?

First, I want to make it clear that ecology and the environment are two different things. The environment can be without life but the ecology sustains if there is the interaction of organisms with the biotic and abiotic components of the environment. I was going to publish this article last eve but I was confused … Continue reading Want to know a bit about the magnificent ecology, we blindly destroys?


We come across many news in this era where the media plays an indispensable role. And we read how many atrocities are revealed and how many of 'em go unanswered and uncovered. We also read how many of them are evils done in the name of rituals, castes, or religions. And one typical response by … Continue reading “WILL THE WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE IF CASTE AND RELIGION CEASE TO EXIST?”

India’s Digital Revolution

India's economy has become 5th largest in the world, amounting to 3.1 trillion dollars. This has been possible due to young Indian population and liberalization that had happened in 1991. Liberalization opened the cuffs with had been restricting  millions of Indians and invigorated animal spirit in the economy. But one big change that has affected … Continue reading India’s Digital Revolution

Why the world is experiencing a great resignation?

In a report, it is mentioned that the world lost around twenty-one million female workforces in the world in last five years. In a world where the majority of the countries still do not have enough of female workforce participation in the economy this rate is quite alarming. It is not a good sign that … Continue reading Why the world is experiencing a great resignation?

An unforeseen time: Pandemic, war, global crisis, inflation…what next?

The revolution of the 21st century can be witnessed in an unforeseen time of Pandemic, wars, alarming climate changes, global warming, and so on. Many Asian countries are still in the developing phase and especially the south-east Asian countries are sieging every opportunity to develop. I have been reading many opinion pieces in the newspaper since the Russia-Ukraine war. Ukraine and Russia are responsible....

Play of human emotions

There are seven wonders of the world. I guess adding market wouldn't be so surprising. Stock markets are quite easy way to earn money, but their complexity make it quite difficult. In my opinion stock market is epitome of human complexity. They tells us alot about psychology of humans. It is also something which has … Continue reading Play of human emotions

Finally health takes center stage

Corona pandemic has created havoc across world, but one thing which came out good was importance of health in national discourse. People forgot everything be it economics or politics, it was in the end bogged down to health. Family as a unit strived to eat most nutritious food, exercise a little, little meditation and social … Continue reading Finally health takes center stage

Environmental Health, Climate change, and Ecosytem. What does the EPI reveal?

Recently, an index called the "Environment Performance Index 2022" report was published. It can be guessed what information is it supposed to provide us with. This report is published by the Yale center for environmental law and policy and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network. This index report is published every other year...

Are games your children playing, radicalised?

This modern world has provided an opportunity to earn while you play games, and these e-sports or other global virtual players meet in some competition, being awarded millions of dollars for their achievement. And, these have in some way influenced many teens to play games as their hobby or make it the core of their interests which resulted in youths...

Another clever China’s strategy

Another clever China’s strategy The United States cannot rely upon products that originate in, or supply chains that run through, a potential adversary, Bashar Malkawi writes. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), publicly released in 2013 and formerly named ‘One Belt, One Road’, would, at first look, seem to be a force for good. … Continue reading Another clever China’s strategy

The oblivion pseudo alliance of China-Russia

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin were all smiles at the recent G20 summit, but relations between the two countries have stalled and tensions are rising, Pavel K Baev writes.NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS A REPUBLISHED FORM FROM A LEGITIMATE SOURCE AND WITH A FULL CONSENT FROM THE SOURCE AND THE AUTHOR. High-level bonhomie was on display … Continue reading The oblivion pseudo alliance of China-Russia